NBA Power Rankings: Discussion

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NBA Power Rankings: Discussion

ESPN has released another set of NBA Power Rankings, this one coming at about a quarter of the way through the season. The top ten are listed below, and there are some surprises.

1. Toronto Raptors

2. Milwaukee Bucks

3. Golden State Warriors

4. LA Clippers

5. OKC Thunder

6. Memphis Grizzlies

7. Denver Nuggets

8. Philadelphia 76ers

9. Portland Trail Blazers

10. Los Angeles Lakers

Who saw the Toronto Raptors starting the season so hot after their crazy offseason? Most people know how good Giannis is, but did anyone see the Bucks being as good as they are right now? Steph's injury as well as some on court beef with Draymond Green and Kevin Durant has halted the progress of the Warriors so far, and has raised some questions about their future after this season. The Warriors are expected to turn everything around once they get everyone healthy, but is this their last ride together as teammates? The Clippers are currently in first place in the West, but it remains to be seen if they have the talent to stay up and even finish in a playoff spot, which eluded them last season.Denver is just a game behind them, and they look to be a very strong team with the potential to finish in the top 3 or 4 in the conference.

Memphis at #6 seems to be a little bit high, although they have been very good to start the season. I don't see them making the playoffs in a loaded West, but they have definitely improved their chances with early play. The Lakers are on a nice run, but will LeBron be able to continue to carry this group to wins in a tough Western Conference? Are the Thunder taking advantage of a soft early schedule or are they actually a contender to get to the Conference Finals? Are the Sixers on the level of the Raptors now that they have Jimmy Butler? And can the Celtics fix their rotation issues, specifically surrounding Gordon Hayward, and get their season back on the right track? They have been so mediocre so far this season that they didn't even crack the top ten of the Power Rankings. Are Dame and CJ good enough to do more than try for Jennifer? Can the Rockets and the Jazz recover from slow starts to rise to the level that they both expected to be at? I tend to believe that they will work their way up, but I don't know that the Rockets can be as successful as they were last season with all that they lost. With all of these questions yet to be answered, the NBA season is sure to heat up and be incredible to watch and follow down the stretch.

What are your early NBA thoughts? Where do you see the East and West at the end of the year? Let me know what you think!

Post by: Luke Fillmore @luke_fillmore32

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    arizona Republicans probably are striving to persuade voters to oppose chief executive the cart Biden’s $1.9 trillion income shelter approach, this appreciates quality, Bipartisan help online even since it is removal thru the nation’s lawmakers consisting of easily Democratic assistance.

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    seeing leaders publish why a person desperate for fondness

    are you feeling single? that you’re baffled in regards to strategies about how this process beuatiful Latina women state of affairs has take place? today’s doctors just might explain.

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